6 Reasons Social Media Causes Relationship Problems

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Whether you are newly dating, in a long-term relationship, or even married, social media can have a negative effect on your relationship. It’s best to work on it proactively. Here are some variables that cause relationship issues due to social media and how you can combat them.

Can Cause Infidelity 

If you or your significant other don’t set boundaries lines could get crossed and someone could end up hurt. A friendly DM or comment could lead to something more and we all know some people are oblivious to other flirtatious actions. So it’s important to let each other know what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Posting Too Personal 

Sometimes your significant other might overshare y’alls relationship issues on the book or the gram. That could lead to hundreds, maybe thousands of people in your business. It’s important to discuss what makes your s.o. comfortable/uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than having an argument and then going on social media to see your s.o spewing their feelings out. Whatever you have going on between the two of you should stay between the two if you.

False Reassurance

This happens when we base our self-worth on the likes and engagement we receive through social media. We sometimes get caught up in our presence on social media platforms that we forget to exist in real life. Couples aren’t posting their downs, their arguments, or their trials and tribulations. Don’t get so busy pretending to be a perfect couple on the gram that you forget to work on your relationship in real life!

It’s Addictive & Distracting

I know we can all relate to constantly scrolling, posting, and engaging. It’s fun and entertaining, that’s why we do it so much! But you have to learn when to put the phone down and focus on what’s in front of you. If you can’t go an hour without checking social media then something is wrong. Try putting your phone away or on the charger and enjoy the company of your s.o. 

Competitive In Unhealthy Ways

I struggle with this quite a bit. I find myself comparing my lifestyle to others even though I don’t know what they sacrificed to get there. I sometimes compete with others in my head and that takes a toll on my husband. It’s quite annoying actually. I’m learning to work on that though and you should too if you’re struggling. Check out my post about Social Media and The Comparison Trap here.

Special Moments Aren’t So Special

When you are so busy trying to capture the perfect picture or video you lose that special moment. Not everything about your life needs to be shared. It removes the intimacy from the moment. I’m not saying don’t capture the special moments, just be diligent in how you are capturing them. Don’t let it be the main focus. Snap some pics and videos, save them for later and get back to your moment. 

Social media can be fun and entertaining when you let it. The minute it starts to cause problems in your relationship you should take a step back and see if any of these apply to you. Have a discussion with your significant other and take the steps to have a healthier relationship with social media. 

If you just can’t stay away from social media but don’t want to delete your accounts you can always deactivate your accounts and delete the app. I’ve done this multiple times and took months off. It was eye-opening for me. I wasn’t as depressed, my husband wasn’t having to deal with me not being myself — it was worth it in my eyes. Because if anyone on your social accounts really cared what you were up to or how you were doing they would text or call you!

Does social media cause problems in your relationship? Do you only use social media for business purposes? Let’s talk about it down below!

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    1. You said it all….. We have to be careful about social media things. Thanks for this educative information.

  1. You are so right about special moments not being special. How many times have I seen someone posing for the perfect shot only to look miserable as soon as the phone has gone back on the table? Crazy, life is for living not for social media

  2. Social media has really taken away realities from so many people’s lives. I tell my kids that you only get told what they think you would love to hear and see what they want you to see. Most of it is all fake. Great article

  3. Yes, it affects relationships but not only in couple. If affects the relationship between parents and children too.

    1. Good to point out the not so good possibilities of using social media irresponsibly . But I’m very thankful for the good side of it. Everything too much is not good .

  4. I use social media for business purposes mostly but I am guilty of starting on a business to-do list then falling down the rabbit hole. My husband and I make sure that there are activities that we never use our phones during so that we have time without social media.

  5. I remember sometimes in gatherings, the connection now is worst than before as everyone is in their social media via phone. But at the same time its a source of getting connected too

  6. Social media has a huge impact on individuals and their lives. While some impacts can be positive, social media has been shown to negatively affect things like our moods and stress levels. Addiction is caused by social media too.

  7. You’ve got valid points here. And I guess it is good that my partner is not into social media, totally opposite of me.

  8. I do agree with all of these. We need to put a limit in posting in social media, not all we can post on social media, there’s a time we need to hide and keep it in private.


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