8 At-Home Date Ideas

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Covid-19 is still among us — sadly. So that means stay at home orders are still in place. Which means you can’t go on your usual dates and eat at your favorite restaurants, it sucks, I know. But you can still have fun in the house all while saving money. 

This is the perfect time to grow closer to and become more intimate with your significant other (s.o). Since all of our kids are still home, these dates might have to take place during their bedtime. I’ve put together a list of eight fun at home date ideas for you and your s.o to try

Paint and Sip

If you have ever heard of Painting With A Twist then you’ll know exactly what this entails. Head to your essential Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart (or Amazon if you’re quarantining, prime shipping is about four days to a week) and get some canvases and paint. Then head down the wine aisle and grab your favorite bottle of wine. 

When you have all your supplies do a google search for some beginner paintings that you would like to copy. You can usually find some by searching for ‘paint night ideas’ or ‘easy paintings’. Don’t try to be perfect when you’re painting, that’s not the goal here. Painting can be very therapeutic, so use this time to destress, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company.

Game Night

My husband and I love game nights. We’re both very competitive so it can get pretty exciting lol. We like to make it even more fun by making the loser of the game do a chore they don’t normally do or take a shot. They can be card games, board games, even video games. Have fun with it and don’t let the competition get between y’all 

Plan a Vacation

Just because you can’t go anywhere right now doesn’t mean you won’t when this is all over. This will all be behind us eventually. So use this time to plan out your next getaway. Whether it be just the two of you or your whole family. Choose your destinations, how you want to get there, whether you want to stay in an Airbnb or a hotel. Then start researching things to do at that destination. This is a great way to distract you from the things going on right now and actually have something to look forward to. 

Movie/TV Marathon

This is my favorite one! I am a Netflix queen lol. They have really stepped their game up as far as movies go and they have some great shows as well. Whether it’s classics or new ones, you can always find something to watch. So grab some popcorn and your favorite snack/candy, cozy up in bed or make a comfy mat in the living room and cuddle up. Right now Tiger King is very popular, we actually binge-watched the series over the weekend and boy is it entertaining lol. I’m currently binge-watching Supernatural and I’m stuck like chuck, I can’t believe I’m just now watching this!

Two Person Vision Board Party

I know you’ve probably been cleaning and decluttering but don’t throw those old magazines away — you’ll need them! I’m always talking about vision boards because they work. Making one with your s.o is important because y’all can set goals and visualize them together. You can do this with supplies that are already around the house. Grab some scissors and glue, if you don’t have glue get some tape. Before you start cutting and gluing discuss what you want on the board and what it means to you. You can make personal ones as well and discuss them with each other 

Cook Brunch or Dinner Together 

I don’t enjoy cooking at all but when my husband and I are in the kitchen together it’s different. (He’s the cook in the relationship and he’s great at it, it’s not the norm, I know, but it’s the norm for us) I love when he teaches me how to do things differently in the kitchen. We’re always finding new and different recipes to try. I suggest you both find a new recipe you wouldn’t mind trying out. Now, this can go both ways lol it can come out really good or really nasty, I recommend a backup plan for the latter. You can spice things up by getting all dressed up and adding candles to the table

Couples Yoga 

What better way to relax, destress, and bond than doing couples yoga together via youtube or by googling images. Start off by doing some poses alone before getting into poses together. They may look hard, to begin with, but once you nail a pose it’s so invigorating. This is a great way to become more intimate with your partner. If you can’t get a pose down, don’t stress, just try another one. 

There are so many at-home dates you can come up with during this trying time. It’s important to make time for each other even though you can’t go out into the world and date. Although this is a negative situation we are in we can still find the positives in it. I hope all is well for all of you reading. Let’s use this time to grow closer to the people we love, become more creative and set goals for ourselves. 

I’ve only listed eight at-home date ideas here, what are some of your suggestions? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Your game ideas were really helpful! I’m isolating without my partner & thankfully we can play some of these games virtually.

  2. These are awesome and cheaper date ideas. We had planned many travel itineraries ready for next year.

  3. Great idea! Especially for the home quarantines going on, this is such a great way to indulge in to ease the boredom. Would definitely try some of these!

  4. We’re currently in a long distance so we’re going to try couples workout over video call, let’s see how it goes. Haha. Great ideas!

  5. Those are some great tips! Hubby and I love the game night and the paint and snip! Sometimes we even do a little Karaoke!

  6. How fun are all these days! It’s hard to have dates at home with three boys but I am thankful we have a casita so we can escape our house. Love the couples yoga idea!


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