How to Get and Stay Motivated

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I know for me this is something I struggle with, getting motivated. It doesn’t matter what it is; if I’m not motivated or inspired it’s not going to get done. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get and be motivated all the time

Whether it be related to work, household chores, your business, or school work you’re not always going to WANT to do it. It still needs to be done though. So here are some tips that can help you get and stay motivated.

Make A List

This is the first and most important step for obvious reasons — we forget things. Making a list of everything you need to get done in order of importance can make your life a lot easier. I like to do this the night before so when I wake up I know everything that NEEDS to be done. 

Listing them in order of importance helps me because I know if I don’t get everything done at least I got the high priority things done. You can always carry over the least important to-dos to the next day, making them now a high priority.

Get Up 

Simply put, just get up! You know you have things you need to get done. Don’t just sit there thinking about all the things you need to accomplish. Get up and get moving. Get that blood flowing. Before you know it you will be knee-deep in one of your high priority tasks or almost done with your list!

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is tidy up, that way I’m not sidetracked with a mess when I’m trying to get things done. After cleaning, my blood is flowing and I’m fully awake. So I take a look at my list and get to it.

Gather All The Things You Need

Whatever your task is at the moment, get all the things you need and set up your workspace. After you’ve done this you have no excuse because everything you need is right there waiting for you. The only thing holding you back is YOU. 

When I know I need to write a blog post, I get my iPad out, my laptop, and pen and paper if needed. I set everything out in front of me that way all I need to do is get to brainstorming. Once I start brainstorming that dominoes into creating an outline and before I know it I have a whole page written.

Start Small 

No matter the size of the task, start small. If you need to clean the house, start off with one room. If you need to get a six paper done, break it up into two pages at a time across your day. I always start small when it comes to things I need to do. 

Once I’m into it though, I find myself completing the whole task without even realizing it. Starting small should lessen the stress that the task comes with and you’ll still feel accomplished because you’re one step closer to completion.

Reduce Distractions 

Put that phone away and turn that tv off. Let everyone around you know that your focus is about to be on something that needs to get done. If you’re working on your laptop or phone, there are certain apps and extensions that can prevent you from visiting certain websites and applications.

Depending on the task I like to have zero distractions. If I’m studying, reading, or writing I like to do it in complete silence. So that means I either need to go in another room away from my family and all their noise or just wait until they are all asleep lol. 

Remind Yourself of Your Why 

Don’t forget why you have started something because you started it for a reason. There is always an end goal, whether the task is small or big. A lot of the times the things we want to get done are easily forgotten because we’ve lost sight of the why. Never lose sight of your why, because that’s the biggest motivation of all. 

You started cleaning the living room because you want to relax in a clean environment. You started that painting because it brought a certain emotion out of you. You started your blog because you want more freedom and the ability to spend more time with your family. 

There is always a why!

Take Breaks

It’s okay to take breaks. Don’t make them too long though so that you forget what you were doing before. Breaks are needed, especially if it’s a big project or task. Go outside and take a deep breath. Go grab a snack or some lunch. You can always pick up where you left off. Taking a break can bring new ideas to you and allow you to see things differently.

Compare Yourself to Yourself

Try to be a better version of who you were yesterday. Don’t worry about what the next person is doing, worry about YOU. This is your task, your house, your job, your diploma, why are you comparing yourself to others? That’s nothing but a distraction and can sometimes lead you into the comparison trap. Ask yourself what you can do today that can make you a better person than you were yesterday. 

Get Accountability Partner

This is common in exercising. Having someone with the same or similar goals can be highly motivating. Whether it’s just you two encouraging each other or having a friendly competition. An accountability partner can also be someone who offers guidance and support on a certain task or project you need to be done. They can help you identify weaknesses and make plans to overcome them.

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To!

Getting motivated can sometimes be a drag but if you go at it with a positive mindset using the tools set before you — you can accomplish anything. Make that list in order of priority, get up, remove distractions, identify your why, take breaks, don’t compare yourself to others, and get an accountability partner. 

You don’t have to use these all but I hope that something on this list helps you. Instead of thinking of the things you need to do and saying you can’t do them; try thinking of how you can overcome the hurdles a certain task brings. 

Do you find it difficult to get and stay motivated? What helps you? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Yes this is so necessary right now when we have so much to do with work and homeschooling! Thank for this list!

  2. Mine is, I always make sure to get plenty of hours of sleep, wake up early, and take a cold shower! It works to keep me motivated even WFH.

  3. Hi Mariah, I hope you’re well. I make a list most of the time as it keeps me organized and it’s feels good to tick things off from the list every time I finish a task. Some don’t understand but breaks are essential too as it gives you time to unwind for a bit. These are awesome tips!

  4. These are all awesome points. Getting motivated everyday in your life is really hard. Make a lists of your goals and things you want to do in your daily lives could help you to finish and track your goals, and also remind your self WHY you need to do this things will help you to motivate..

  5. Yes list! Everyday I have a top three. I commit to giving my 100% to three instead of 10% to 50-11 things. Super great tips ?? You can do ANYTHING, it’s all in the mind.


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