Jealousy, Envy, and How I Overcame Them Both

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I didn’t always do this—pray for the success of others.

I do now and I’m going to tell you why. Jealousy and envy consumed me and I would constantly deny it. Then I read a devotional through the holy Bible app called ‘What to do when envy steals your joy’. Because that’s exactly what was happening. I was so wrapped up in other people’s success that I fell into a depression at the lack of my successes. 

I would continuously ask myself “what am I doing wrong? Where did I go wrong? Why not me?” After reading that devotional I realized that God blesses everyone differently and you don’t really know what was sacrificed for that blessing. There will always be someone doing better or worse than you —ALWAYS

The goal is contentment and gratitude. Becoming content with what you have and what you’re able to obtain all while being grateful.

Once you reach that, it will be easier to pray for the success of others. To be able to pray for the one you envy or are jealous of is an accomplishment I never thought I would achieve. I mean, I never prayed for them to fail or wanted them to, I just didn’t pray for them at all. 

I would just bask in my jealousy and envy, compare myself to others, and just become depressed and unmotivated. It was taking a toll on me as a person, a mother, and a wife. Your energy carries and I was giving all sorts of bad vibes honey

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I grew closer to God, I read my bible more, prayed more, and was just genuinely content with myself. Shortly thereafter my husband was blessed with a great new job and I began to focus on my own goals. It’s like everything in me changed, my thought process, my motivation, basically my will to live (another post for another time). 

Jealousy and envy don’t have to consume you anymore. Try writing down your goals, things you’re grateful for, make a vision board, pray, meditate, or read a devotional as I did! Sometimes reading how someone overcame a struggle you’re going through can be very inspiring and I hope you leave here inspired. 

How do you overcome jealousy and envy? Do you have any advice to add? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!

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  1. Whew, the fact that you were able to recognize that you had to overcome issues regarding jealousy and envy is something to celebrate! Kudos to you because many people will not admit that. Secondly, I think wishing other people success is a great way to overcome those issues. When other people’s success makes you happy, it shows genuineness and sincerity. Lastly, growing closer to God is the BEST way to tackle almost any situation for me. He helps me become a better person in every way. Congratulations on your incredible journey, and I hope you continue to grow!

  2. I think we are all prone to being critical of our own shortcomings when the simple thing to do is to celebrate others’ success!

  3. Envy is resentment toward others because of their possessions or success. You idealize when you are envious. You don’t just want what they have; you want their stature too. Jealousy is when a third person threatens a relationship — you are afraid to lose someone you love in the hands of others. You have written this very well to how to overcome both.

  4. This is beautiful! I think we tend to get so caught up in our daily goings-on that we sometimes forget to add other’s into our prayers outside of those who are sick or having a rough time. I love the idea of praying for others’ successes instead of just the hard things. <3


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