Let’s Talk About Burn Out…

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It’s been so long since I’ve written anything. I don’t really have a reason as to why other than burn out. My heart was no longer in it back then, so I didn’t want to put out anything for the sake of putting it out. I don’t know if I’m fully back in it now either. 

I felt I needed to drop in and say something though. 

So let me update you on my life. No need to buckle up not much has changed.

Jai’Marie started pre-K this month. She’s so excited, as am I. Finally a change of pace has come into my life. I’ve been in this house with these kids for years now. I’m ready for a change, but I’m anxious in the same breath. 

I started working out consistently for the first time in my adult life. My goal is to gain weight, whether it be muscle or fat. I need them both lol. My mental health has improved. I don’t know if it’s the exercise or the anxiety/anti-depressants I’m on. It may be both. Whatever it is I’m happy! 

I was in such a dark place around the time I stopped blogging. But I don’t believe that’s the reason I stopped. This blog, MY blog helps me because I know I could possibly be helping others. I don’t know if this is an I’m back post but it’s more of a— I’m still here and I’m thinking about ya’ll post. 

I’ve also started my sobriety journey. More on that in the days/weeks to come.

Talk soon! 


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