My top 5 Favorite Bible Plans That Got Me Through Some Ish

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When I say bible plans I’m referring to the ones offered through The Bible App on my phone and tablet. They are devotionals with the scripture reference. You can download the app here and you can also access it on your computer here. I love this app because I have the bible in my pocket and can refer to it at the click of the button. 

I especially love the bible plans because it guides me through what scriptures to read as they relate to what I’m going through. You can also add friends and share your bible activity with each other. I’ve completed plans by myself as well as with friends, here are my top five!

‘What To Do When Envy Steals Your Joy’

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When I started this plan I was struggling very hard with envy and jealousy. Whether it be of my friends or family I was finding it hard to be happy for others. After reading this plan I realized that you have to be happy for others if you want to experience happiness yourself. Consuming yourself with envy and jealousy will just put you in a negative spiral of self-doubt. You can read the plan here. If you haven’t already, read how I overcame jealousy and envy here.

‘Relational Reset: 7 Days To Unlearning The Habits That Hold You Back’

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This helped me realize that you have to do what is right for you. You need to talk to God about whatever decision you are trying to make and not lean on the understandings of others. Stop living your life for other people and focus on what you want. This plan also taught me that you can’t depend on others for anything, especially your own happiness. You’ll also learn to let go of fear, judgment, and being offended. You can read the plan here.

‘Dangerous Prayers’

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Whew, this one here was an eye-opener! It showed me that I was praying safe prayers and I wasn’t really letting God take the reigns. When you pray you’re often praying safe. You’re not asking God to let you face your fear face on. Rather you are just asking Him to remove it. By asking God to bring that fear on and allowing Him to get you through it, then you are praying dangerously. You can read the plan here.

‘Going From Idea To Launch’

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I started reading this plan while I was preparing for the launch of this blog. I was nervous, I was unsure, I had major doubts. After reading this plan and praying on it I knew I was doing the right thing. If you are wondering whether or not to start a business or take the one you have to the next level — you need to read this plan! You can read the plan here.

‘Reclaiming Social Media’

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High social media use has been known to increase loneliness, anxiety, and depression. How are you using social media? Are you mindlessly scrolling? Are you constantly comparing yourself to other people’s curated feeds? Well, you need to reclaim your relationship with it. Social media can have a lot of positives but if you are finding yourself feeling lower than usual, you might need to take a break. You can read the plan here.

This list can go on and on but I’ve listed just five plans that I find myself referring back to. You can be going through literally anything and I can guarantee there is a bible plan for that situation. They have plans on marriage, friendship, anger, loneliness, the list goes on. I might do another one of these in the future because I just love them so much.

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Do you have The Bible App on your phone? What Bible plans do you recommend? Leave a comment down below and let’s talk about it!

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  1. I am sure going to try them out. I just started a plan finding refuge in God yesterday, and I’m really learning alot.
    I love you version bible so much…..

  2. These sound really helpful. Right now I am doing the chronological all the way through the Bible plan, but I feel like I could use these shorter, themed plans too. Thanks!

  3. I have this app and love it ! It’s completely transformed my relationship with God, I’m going to check these out. I can’t get enough of the Bible plans


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