8 Things to Do While Stuck Inside

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Amid all this covid-19 quarantine mess many of you are stuck inside, some with kids and some without. By now you are probably bored and hungry. This can be a stressful time for many people. Instead of continuously watching the news and scrolling your feed, take a break and take advantage of this time you now have with your family. So before you run through your groceries and head to wait in that grocery store line, here are five things you can do while stuck inside.

Catch up on any chores around the house.

Now is the perfect time to start your spring cleaning, or finish that load of laundry that’s been in the wash all weekend. If your kids are home with you as well, assign them a spot in the house to clean and reward them with something later (tv time, tablet time, their favorite snack, or candy if you want to live life on the edge lol). This will teach them responsibility and they won’t be telling you they’re bored every five minutes.

Call someone

The CDC, in response to covid-19, recommends we all adhere to social distancing so that means our contact with others is very limited. Everyone’s head is all over the place. Their lives and routine has changed overnight almost. Take this time to check on your loved ones and try to get some laughs in via a phone call or video chat. If you need a breather from your hyper/bored kids, this is the perfect way to catch your breath let them talk to their family or friends this way.


Your desk is a mess, you’re kitchen drawers are a mess, everything is a mess right now, amirite? Well now you have some free time to get organized, whether it’s through making lists, rearranging the Tupperware, or making that junk drawer Pinterest perfect. Try organizing one spot of your house a day, by the end of the week you’ll be feeling refreshed and at ease. 

Binge watch to your heart’s content

This is by far my favorite thing to do when I’m stuck in the house. Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, the options are endless. All those shows people have been talking about on social media (*cough-cough* Love is Blind) now is the time to see what all the hype is about. Or you can find a TV show with a multitude of seasons, I recommend Criminal Minds. Disney+ just released Frozen II on its platform as well. So get your popcorn and other snacks, get comfortable and start watching. 


If you’re not into TV, grab one of your favorite books or that dusty one that’s been on the shelf for months and get to it. Reading is a great stress reliever and good at putting you to sleep. It’s also contagious. So if your kids see you reading they are most definitely going to want to grab one of their own. And if all of you are reading then the house will be what? SILENT, exactly. 

Go outside

Before you freak out, I mean outside in your own yard. Remember to keep social distancing and stay at home. Your yard is free reign. Play a game of your choice or just sit outside and soak up some vitamin d. 

Virtual field trips 

I know it may seem like you can’t go anywhere but with the way technology is set up, anything is possible. Below I’ve listed some links to some virtual tours and live webcams across the world, enjoy.

Make a Vision Board

This quarantine isn’t going to last forever so why not set some goals for the future. Better yet make those goals visual by creating a vision board, I wrote a post about them here. Before you throw those old magazines away, put them to good use one last time. This is an activity you and your kids can both participate in. It opens the room up for discussion about goals and dreams all while bringing the family closer together.

There are so many things you can do while stuck inside, I’ve only named a handful here. One thing I can add is that you should take a break from watching the news or social media if you are easily stressed. This has been taking over the news and my feeds. Sometimes I just have to turn everything off and do something else — that’s where this list comes in! 

What are you doing during this quarantine mess? Are you stuck at home? How are you holding up? Leave a comment down below and let’s talk about it!

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  1. Quaratined or not certain things u have mentioned here are my absolute favourite things to do like vision board and reading.

  2. These are great suggestions on what to do when there is a lockdown in place. Getting outside, even if that’s only on the balcony, is very important, as natural sunshine helps boosting your mood.

  3. Its been fun, we have been having family game nights every day. I can so though my house will be immaculate. LOL I know the kiddo gets bored during the day since I have been really limiting her cellphone use.


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