Vision Boards and Why You Should Make One

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We are only in the third month of the year so it’s still prime time to make a vision board. Don’t know what a vision board is or why you should make one? I’m here to help you! 

vi·sion board

noun US

  1. a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.

I can’t recall exactly when I made my first vision board but I know I have been doing it for quite a while. Remember in grade school when teachers would have you make collages using magazine clippings? That is basically what a vision board is — a collage. 

The sole focus of a vision board is to display your goals and admirations and what you wish to achieve and obtain in the coming year. Most people make them at the beginning of the year to get a head start. But like I stated above, it’s only March — we got time baby! 

You can make a vision board within your own home or attend a vision board party. The only supplies you need are magazines, scissors, and board or paper to display your clippings. Markers and glitter for extra pizazz! 

I have noticed that a lot of local businesses have hopped on the vision board party trend. It’s a great way to market, network, and socialize. I personally made my 2020 vision board at a party my good friend hosted inside of her home. 

You’re probably curious as to why I’m even suggesting this. Well, there is a multitude of benefits having a vision board can possess but here are a few:

  • It’s therapeutic and sparks creativity – Even if you’re not that creative, it’s just cutting what you like and gluing it down. There are no mistakes, just your dreams, and goals. The end results will surprise you! Arts and crafts can be very meditating for the mind. What better way to set your goals than creating a visual that you can display in your home or office.
  • It makes your dreams clear and your chances of success greater – When you are able to see what you want in life daily, the odds of you doing what needs to be done to get there increases. The better you can visualize your goals, the more likely you will be focused on those goals. Don’t believe me? Check out this article.
  • It puts you in a positive state of mind and makes you happy – Once you see your vision board start to come to fruition you will be overwhelmed with joy. The pictures or words you use in your vision board should inspire you and have a positive force in your life. You are what you think about and visualize. 

Vision boards are very beneficial, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, or just someone who likes to visualize their goals. You can share your vision board with others or keep it private. They can be big or small. Paper or digital. 

I personally hang my vision board right above my dresser because that’s where I go every morning to take my medicine and vitamins. That way I’m sure to look at it and remind myself of the goals ahead. 

If you are serious about your goals and dreams, I highly recommend creating a vision board. It doesn’t have to be just one either, you can create multiple. It is effective, free and something you can do on your own or with others using things you already have in your home. 

Have you created a vision board for 2020? Do you think they work? Leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear about them! 

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  1. I have always loved the idea of vision boards. This is fantastic! Now that I’ve launched my home business I would love to utilize these more. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I’ve noticed that quite a few people have been talking about vision boards recently but I didn’t really understand what they were. After reading this, I’m really tempted to create one for myself! I love getting creative and goal planning so combining the two would be perfect for me ♡ Thank you for sharing. Great post!

  3. I love vision boards! I haven’t made one in a while, but they are so much fun. They are so inspiring, motivating, and they look so pretty.

  4. I have just bought a white board the other day. I will try it out. I’ve noticed it’s been hard keeping ideas fulfilled if they aren’t written down.
    Awesome post

  5. You remind me that I have tons of vision boards that I need to revisit. I wonder if they have manifested.

  6. Years ago I used to have a vision board and it was very useful. It was so motivating to look at it and work harder to achieve the goals on it.


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