What is Self-Care and Why Do We Need It?

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With this covid-19 pandemic going on we all are stressing right now. Some are working from home with kids, some are out of a job, and some are in the healthcare field still working long hours. Whoever you are and whatever is going on, it is essential to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. 

As a mom self-care is so important because your kids don’t just need a mom, they need a healthy one — mentally and physically. Nevertheless, self-care isn’t just important for mothers, everyone should be doing something to protect their well-being.

Self-care can be a lot of different things for different people. It can be waking up early to read a chapter in your favorite book or doing some hot yoga.

When you get off work do you get home just to do more work? Well, you should stop lol. How about instead you take a relaxing bath, watch an episode or several (who’s counting) of your favorite tv show, or settling in that book that’s collecting dust on your nightstand.

If you can help it, try leaving work at work and home at home. If you work at home, leave work in that office or in that corner of the house you set up. 

When those kids are napping after being on a never-ending rampage since 7:00 am take that time to get a workout in or make your favorite snack. When your spouse tells you to go out and pamper yourself, DO IT!

Don’t let guilt take over you, you deserve that shellac manicure sweetie! Use that time to decompress and let that deep breath you’ve been holding in out

With that being said, self-care can be saying “no” when you would usually say yes. People tend to ask of you things you always say yes to but that doesn’t mean you always want to. Whether it be your parents, friends, or extended family members, it’s important to set boundaries.

Amid work and home life, we could all use a little less on our plate. Make sure you are only saying “yes” to things that you genuinely want to do and bring you joy. 

Another way to decompress and take care of yourself is through meditation. When people hear the term meditation they think you need a mat and some candles. Girl, no. Go in a room by yourself, no distractions, no noise. You can meditate in a chair, lying down, standing, even kneeling.

While in your position think about your goals for the day, the week, the month. Trying focusing on things you are grateful and thankful for. Mediation has a copious amount of benefits, some being: reducing anxiety, destressing, better control of your emotions, and better sleep. 

Your kids can learn and practice self-care as well, through exercise, meditation, eating healthy, and doing activities they love. I know as parents we sometimes think we know what they want at all times.

Try asking them what they would like to do (*cough cough* for free and at home lol we’re saving money honey), what would make them especially happy right now? Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make kids happy and we stress ourselves out trying to go above and beyond. 

Self-care for me is doing my nails, taking a shower with the door closed, or watching the latest Netflix series. Self-care for me is eating my lunch during naptime and not having to share it.

Self-care to me is writing in my journal what I feel when I feel it; as if I’m letting off steam all while not putting my stresses on others. Or making a vision board to help me get focused on my goals.

Self-care is vital as a human being. It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but what’s important is that we are practicing it. We sometimes tend to focus on our outer selves when it’s our inner self that needs attention the most.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so try doing something today that makes you happy and relaxes you. 

How do you practice self-care? What’s your favorite thing to do when de-stressing? Leave a comment below, let’s talk about it!

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  1. Right now self care is so important as its a time where the whole world is being anxious! I hope you are doing okay and thank you for all the tips!

  2. We need to focus on self care at this time than we ever do. I don’t do it enough. My me time is always spent on reading. I’m going to do better.

  3. Thank you for posting! I’m taking this as a sign – this is the second time I’ve stumbled upon the idea of a vision board. I am teaching online since schools closed and have a lot of free time (minus chasing my daughter around). I’ll definitely have to try making a vision board one day this week ♥️

  4. Thank you for this reminder! As a first time mom, I know that I’m not making enough time for my self-care. I will be working on it!


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